Querying has_many Associations

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This is great stuff! So, you mean to tell me ActiveRecord will only make 1 query for all this?!

I’ve literally implemented very similar queries using Enumerable… This is a total game changer!

Hi, thanks for this tutorial!

Just to let you know that the tables names in the examples under the ‘Gluing tables together with the joins method’ section are mismatched; for instance the locations table is labelled ‘people’



Is there any way of merging more than one queries without being longwinded?

People.joins(location: :region).merge(Region.order(:name)).merge(Location.order(:name)).order(:name)

Does this work?

People.joins(location: :region).merge(Region.order(:name), Location.order(:name)).order(:name)


it’s possible to rewrite the query using this format, it’s based on @christoomey solution https://exercises.upcase.com/exercises/advanced-activerecord-querying-belongs_to-associations/solutions/christoomey :
People.joins(location: :region).order("regions.name, locations.name, name")