Rails Engines: mounting external apps

Hello everyone!

My question is sort of two-fold:

I was asked to integrate kandanapp into an existing application. Initially, I thought of building out an api on an instance of kandan deployed to Heroku to handle this. However, I’ve started to run into some issues with authenticating users.

My second thought was to try to mount kandan as an engine, but I lack enough knowledge for this.

I’d appreciate any input into how to go about this, thanks in advance :slight_smile:


First: I never used Kandanapp.
But: Have you tried to follow this guide? Getting Started with Engines — Ruby on Rails Guides

Maybe that’s a starting point for you.

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@5minpause, thank you for your answer!

I’ll check out the link you provided.

So, I went with setting up the main app as a oauth provider and the chat app as an oauth consumer using the doorkeeper gem. The problem now is the following:

  • I access the chat app and click on “Sign in with Main App”;
  • I get redirected to the Main app and then get the following error “redirect_uri is invalid”

Any thoughts?