Remote pairing using tmux

Hi thoughtbots,
I have been watching your tmux series. It is very enlightening. We have been using vim and tmux for a while now. We like using them and would like to start pair programming remotely. Could you give me some pointers on how to setup remote tmux sharing? Or perhaps point me to a source? We are on OSX. Thanks.

I’ve used tmate a few times without too much difficulty. Free to use, good documentation.

Thanks. I have looked at tmate. Our situation is a little different. We use tmuxinator and have multiple projects open in the tmux windows that we switch between. Do you know of any way of using tmate with tmuxinator? I am looking for a way to join someone’s running tmux session without having to shut it down.

Hello @graveto. I also recommend tmate. It should be possible to use tmuxinator with tmate as tmate is a custom build of tmux that supports all normal tmux behavior. It’s only addition is to make it easy to have other users connect. I have not tested this, but if you alias tmux="tmate" then it might just work (depends on how tmuxinator runs).

That said, if you want to run without tmate, you can look into something like Chris Hunts github-auth project which makes it easy to add and remove other users’ SSH public keys. Once they’re connected, they can just connect to the existing tmux session.

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