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Simple array problem

(Chris Kuffo) #1

Hello - I am trying to create a simple array with my todos_controller.rb and index.html.erb files.
Here is what i have in my controller:

class TodosController < ApplicationController
  def index
     @todo_array = [ "Buy Milk", "Buy Soap", "Draw Money" ]

Here is what i have in my Index file:

<title>Shared Todo App </title>
   <h1>Shared Todo App</h1>
<p>All your todos here</p>
<% @todo_array.each do |t| %>
<li> <%= puts t %> </li>
<% end %>

When i start up the server to view the page the array is not being displayed correctly. Can someone point me in the right direction?

(steve portock) #2

What’s your error message?

(Rafa de Castro) #3

puts returns nil. You can open an irb console and type

puts “A”

It will print A and then it will return nil

In your code you are doing:

  • <%= puts t %>
  • So you get a lot of nils and print them in the stdout.

    Try doing:

  • <%= t %>
  • When printing things for “debugging purposes” you can better use p

    In an irb session try:

    p “A”

    It will print A and return A.

    (Chris Kuffo) #4

    Fixed my problem … Thank you

    (Chris Kuffo) #5

    It was not outputting any results.