Testing ouath2 handshake?

Whats a sensible way to test the oauth2 handshake. Is it just a matter of stubbing out the api calls? or is there more to it?

Have you considered VCR?

No i hadn’t considered the VCR. Ill give that a look, it seems like it might be a great tool for this problem. Thanks!

If you’re using the omniauth gem, or devise with the Omniauthable module, there’s a test_mode that you can use in integration specs to easily mock the OAuth response.

This example gist may also be a helpful starting point.

Thanks Reshleme, i would have provided more details had i known how helpful the responses would be here. For this feature i need to authorize my app to have access to someones Google Drive. Omniauth seems suited for authorizing a user to use my app (rather then me having to authorize them). based on that, i wasn’t sure it would be well suited to help. Is there anything wrong with that reasoning?