The Art of Vim: Indenting

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@benorenstein I’m trying to map p key, ( map p :set pasteo"*]p:set nopaste)

When I use the key, I go to next line and the mode stays in ‘PASTE’ without copying anything. Is this because there is a " (comment) in the map?

Seems likely!

Did you try \"?

Great tutorial.

In case others are having issues, I had to add this to my .vimrc file to get the == shortcut to work

filetype plugin indent on
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I had trouble getting paste to work until I realised the vim that ships with OS X doesn’t have clipboard support. Installing vim from Homebrew with the --override-system-vim option made it work.

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Not only MacOX my limux also had the similar problem. This can be detected by if :echo has(‘clipboard’) gives a 0. Then you need to uninstall vim and reinstall vim-gtk.

Is there any special reason you added <CR> in this normal mode shortcut: map <Leader>i mmg=G'm<CR> ?
For me <CR> moves cursor to the next line thus losing original cursor position after using <Leader>i shortcut.

Oops! Good point. That <CR> shouldn’t be there.

in my opinion longer single line mappings aren’t really readable / maintainable. I prefer extracting the separate parts of the paste binding into a vim function and then executing that function using a mapping.

that way your mapping would be written as (note: I use set clipboard=unnamed):

function! PasteCode()
  set paste
  execute "normal! o\<esc>\]p"
  set nopaste

nmap <leader>pp :call PasteCode()<CR>

In the end it’s all personal preference of course, but I prefer to keep the use of <CR> in mappings to a minimum.
also I use the following two functions allot, so I’ll paste them here maybe someone finds them useful.

set tabstop, softtabstop, and shiftwidth to the same value:

function! Stab()
  let l:tabstop = 1 * input('set tabstop = softtabstop = shiftwidth = ')
  if l:tabstop > 0
    let &l:sts = l:tabstop
    let &l:ts = l:tabstop
    let &l:sw = l:tabstop
  call SummarizeTabs()

list the current values of tabstop, softtabstop and shiftwidth:

function! SummarizeTabs()
    echohl ModeMsg
    echon 'tabstop='.&l:ts
    echon ' shiftwidth='.&l:sw
    echon ' softtabstop='.&l:sts
    if &l:et
      echon ' expandtab'
      echon ' noexpandtab'
    echohl None