The Hands-on Backbone.js on Rails workshop is now online to take at your own pace

Hi all,

We’ve just launched the take-at-your-own-pace online version of the Hands-on Backbone.js on Rails with @seangriffin .

In creating this new workshop we’ve taken much of your feedback on our workshops into account.

We’ve broken down the workshop into more digestible videos. The workshop is comprised of 18(!!) videos, the longest of which is 35 minutes, and most of which are about 15 minutes long.

This workshop also contains the most detailed notes we’ve ever done for a workshop. We hope that they will be easier to follow.

Finally, we’ve also made the finished application available as a separate GitHub repo, with individual commits matching most of the video lessons. This separate repo is linked from the README in the main repo where you do your work.

This workshop has been a long time coming. We sincerely appreciate your patience, and I’d like to thank the entire thoughtbot team for their hard work in putting it together, especially @seangriffin and @Britt_Ballard.



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I’m really having a LOT of problems getting through this course and could really use some help with a code review. I’m stuck at the third video portion of the course. I’m unable to get the submit form to show for editing a note after creating and coding the file. I’m not getting my input form.

Also, when I click on “Back”, I am taken to a blank white page (this is after clicking on a note and then trying to go back w/o using backspace key or back button on browser)

Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.

One thing about this workshop has me curious… On I see:

Hands-on Backbone.js on Rails

Watch or download video lessons, 18 lessons in this workshop.

Your workshop runs from May 28-June 25, 2014. The recommended pace for this workshop is one lesson per week.

So… shouldn’t the workshop run for 18 weeks, from May 28 to Oct 1?

No that “one lesson per week” is hardcoded text that we should change in this workshop which has much more fine grained videos. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.