Backbone.js Online Course

I’d personally love to see a course on Backbone, maybe based off the book but a bit more interactive and access to a Thoughtbotter experienced in this area!

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Good news: we’re launching one soon!

Stay tuned.


Cool, thanks Ben.

Any updates on this? The “Hands on Backbone” Course has been there for a while but I have never seen it available for signup. When will the online course be available?


Sorry, the first edition of this sold out in 20 minutes, we’ll be scheduling another one soon. Be sure to fill out the form with your email to be notified as soon as it’s scheduled.


Where can I find the form to fill out?

I love backbone js

@seangriffin I ran through the second video and the app is still running ‘The Rails Way’ and does not seem to be loading the backbone changes. Do I need to get rid of any of the changes I implemented while following that part of the course?

I’m currently on vacation and won’t be back until the first week of April. You should make a new thread for this to get more visibility and someone else should be able to help in the mean time.