Backbone.js on Rails

Hey everyone,

I am interested in getting the Backbone.js on Rails book. I am wondering if the book has been updated to Rails 4+?

I’m not sure about the newest iterations of the book, but I have the copy from back when it was included in the base subscription and it seems to address mostly 3.1+ (i.e., with the asset pipeline which I’m guessing is what you’re interested in). Other than that, Rails is mostly just a REST API for spitting out, and handling JSON and handling all your database logic.

Ah gotcha. Yes I am primary focused on practices used when using a Front-end JS framework. Asset Pipeline and creating the REST API with Rails.

Thank you for your response!

If this is something you’re really interested in learning then I highly recommend you checkout the Backbone on Rails series by Brian Mann. Extremely detailed and well produced, albeit a little dated. Most of the concepts still carry over, just a few API changes with backbone/marionette. It will give you a really good idea as to how Rails will fit into the JavaScript MVC ecosystem and these concepts can be applied to a whole slew of client side frameworks, not just Backbone. Not just the “how?”, but also the “why?”.

If you’re just looking to get a lay of the land then I recommend you only pick up the first four or so screencasts, as the later ones go into strictly backbone + marionette development (though these are still worthwhile checking out, but it covers a significant amount of application specific code, some of which will be deprecated in newer library versions. You might be better off following more up to date tutorials).

This looks awesome. Although some things in Marionette are being dropped like modules, in favor of ES6 I can always look that up.

Thanks for the great link.