Using Rails as an API endpoint Rails 4

Hey ,
I am trying to use rails as an API endpoint for my one page application.
After doing some research I found rocket_panes, activeresource, knock that can help achieve this goal.
I was wondering if there are any best practices or know tools that I missed here?
Is anyone here have an experience with the tools I mentioned and can share his opinion or view about those tools?

Thanks In advance,


You should checkout rails-api and possibly jsonapi-resources.

rails-api will be depreciated once rails 5 comes out as it is being merged into rails core.

jsonapi-resources has a demo app named peeps which can be used with any of the client side frameworks kicking around. It has a basic guide on how to use the jsonapi-resources gem as well.

JSON API is a specification for building API’s in JSON, find more info at I believe the thoughtbot crew had some minor(?) issues with it but overall it seems to be gaining traction in the community. If you plan on using EmberJS its data adapter, Ember Data, should work with any API using the specification out of the box.

Thank you very much ,
I’ll look into those Gems it looks like this is what I am looking for :smile: