The Second Feature is Easier | Upcase

Ben and Joe continue to develop the Pastie application, demonstrating how to introduce authentication. We discuss how to retrofit existing components with unit tests, as well as the differences between authentication and authorization.
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I found the extended discussion very interesting, more episodes like this please!

It was useful seeing how to cut down the specs into a minimal form by extracting out the duplication.

(There seems to be a problem with audio at about 3m40s (like an echo). It clears up by 4m00s.)

I really enjoyed this episode as well. I especially liked the amount of effort that Joe put into ensuring that multiple tests were not covering the same feature. I generally find I have more overlap but I can see a huge benefit in both test time and error isolation by putting in this extra effort. Thanks for pointing this out. This will greatly influence my testing approach.

This episode is awesome, I have some questions about it though. The controller was tested using stubs, the methods that were mocked have come from AR and I guess it was not owned by joe. Is it a problem?