Tightening the TDD Feedback Loop

Gabe joins Joe to discuss how to run tests quickly and efficiently. People who haven't done TDD a lot often find that running tests is painful and takes them out of the moment. Learn how to run tests easily while staying focused on your code. fa...
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If there are people out there who run tests in other languages than ruby or possibly with other frameworks than rspec, but still want all the benefits of using something like vim-rspec, I’ve written a vim-spectacular which works with any language and any test framework. It can also be configured to work with tmux and dispatch, and it can intelligently choose how to run your tests.

Its how I’ve been running my tests for the last year :smile:

I would love to see some material on speeding up selenium tests. Do you all have any tricks for tightening the feedback loop when you absolutely have to open a real browser to run e2e tests? Or is it best to just avoid getting into those situations?

I am surprised no-one seem to know about guard. All those issues go away when you use guard.

Yeah, just getting into this stuff, I used guard and it seems to address all the points very well – it was sort of annoying setting up, but it was also my first time, so I guess that can be expected.

Hey guys, does anyone know of good package for Sublime 3 text editor that will do the same thing that these guys described in the video regarding Vim? Thanks in advance!

@jferris hey Joe, can you share your current hardware/software setup with us. I’ve been looking at some weekly iterations in which you are using a Thinkpad now; did you get tire of MacOSX? I know this not related to the topic but I just got curious.


We used guard as part of our standard setup back when spork was kind of test preloaders. Since we switched to zeus/spring (which mostly auto-detect when to reload), we haven’t found that keeping up a Guardfile is worthwhile.

Could you share some of the things you use guard for?

Sure. I’m using Arch Linux on a T440s Thinkpad. My basic development setup is Xmonad/urxvt/Vim.

I wrote a bit about my history with Linux and reasons for switching back in this thread: Integration vs Unit Testing - #6 by jferris

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@jferris oh, thanks for your reply. At my new job they are suggesting me on using a Mac but as you I have a lot of time using Linux and I don’t see the benefits for switching to a Mac. So probably I’ll ask for a Thinkpad too the tihng is that probably won’t be the T440 because I find them very big to be portable; maybe the X1 series is more for my taste. Thanks again for your reply.

Hey @jferris,

pretty much my standard workflow is to start guard on spec folder and (cukes in the past) and let it run. I find this very helpful as I am not leaving vim while the tests are running as soon as I save file and I can continue working. I find that this speeds up my workflow quite a bit. I agree that sometimes it would run test for no reason, when I save it without significant changes, but overall it has very positive impact on my productivity.

@jferris, how do you like the Thinkpad? Is the screen decent quality? I have been using Samsung series 5 laptops with Linux for several years and I am happy but the screens are pretty lousy…

Any possibility of a forum category / thread for Linux users? I wonder how many Linux users you have on Upcase.

Does vim-rspec capable of displaying colors ?