Upcase Rails App - Real Life App

I am really loving upcase. The most valuable part for me was how I was able to dissect “upcase” app and see how it was built. Having the access to the repo and seeing how codes were structured was such a priceless lesson.

I think It will be immensely beneficial for junior rails developers like myself to learn how each component was built. Most tutorials out there that I have watched (and I watch a lot of tutorials…) doesn’t really explain why certain things were built the way it did. It just shows you, install this and this will work this way.

It will be great to see thoughtbot developers deconstructing an app like “upcase” as a video series. Rather than building from scratch – maybe it will be fun to see deconstruction of an app.

Anyhow, having the access to thoughtbot repos are awesome. Thanks for sharing knowledge.

@anthony I agree that the Upcase app is a great resource. Being able to see the git commits and how the developers communicate through commits is invaluable. I’m using it as a way to compare tutorials on rails. I’m going through Rails Four in Action again and I noticed that the Upcase app is not using traditional nested routes syntax .

would you be able to give some examples?

Sure, I was referring specifically to the config.rb file. When you look at the some of the other files in config/routes there are “traditional” nested routes.