Updates to Exercise Workflow

tl;dr - You can now preview your solution on Learn before submitting, and you can view past versions of your solution.

Hello subscribers!

You may have noticed a few new features appearing in the Learn exercises last week. These are part of our ongoing attempt to give you a learning experience that best simulates the coding process we have found productive here at thoughtbot.

The first change is a modification to the process you follow when you solve one of the exercises. Previously, you would clone the exercise repository, work on your solution, and then push your local branch to Learn. We have now added a “preview” step, so that once you have pushed your work to Learn, you may preview how it will look to others. Once you are satisfied, you may then submit your work for peer review.

![Example of a solution on the preview step]( “Example of a solution on the preview step”)
A solution on the preview step

Our second change allows you to view your solution’s history. When on your solution’s page, you will have the option to go back and look at previous versions of it (see image below), along with the comments that were made on those versions. (Note that new inline comments may only be added to the most recent version of the solution.)

A solution with previous versions (links to versions in red rectangle)

We hope that these two changes will refine the process you go through when solving exercises and enhance your learning experience. Please let us know what you think!

Thanks for solution’s history, was very annoying to switch back to editor to review previous revisions.

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