Users saves form prior to submit

Hi upcase folks,

I am trying to build a form where devise users can login and save the form prior to submitting it to the application process (kinda like a school online application or job application form). Any advise on how I should go about it?

I am able to build forms that submits, but I am not sure how to go about form being saved so they can login and come back to work on their application, then submitting it after they are done.

Is there a smart way to do this? Any advise or recommendations are welcomed. Any links I can read about it will be awesome too. Thanks!

Within a purely rails/ruby context it sounds like you want a form wizard, wicked can assist with this, alternatively Andy Maleh has an interesting post about building wizards using form objects, he also has a talk on this subject, but I haven’t had cause to approach it from this angle yet.

This link in the wicked documentation indicates how you can persist the form status in between submissions

Hope this helps

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Thanks Tom, for taking time to write this. I really appreciate it. I can see that this is multi step wizard form, do it allow users to save date, log out, then log back in later time and finish from where they started off? I will read the manual. Once again, thanks for your help!!!

@anthony pretty much, it’ll persist the record using a status column making it effectively a state machine, but you don’t need to define the state machine in your model.