Vim autocomplete like in sublime text

Im switching to Vim from sublime text and I’m looking for similar tab completition which I had there.

Now I’m using UltiSnips + supertab, and this combo complete only if I hit enter, I want to change it to TAB like in sublime. How to do this?

Or maybe you have some tips how/what to use to get as close to sublime autocomplete?

With supertab you can press whatever your next keystroke would be instead of enter (i.e. a period to call a method after tab completing an object). I’m not sure you can mimic the Sublime functionality exactly.

The best content I’ve seen about Vim’s completion is the talk talk Let Vim Do the Typing by thoughtbot’s very own @georgebrock. It does a great job describing the various completion modes and sources Vim can pull from.

Unfortunately it can be a bit persnickety in Vim, and I’ve personally tried a few different things. Right now I’m using a combination of Ultisnips, Supertab, and YouCompleteMe. You can see my setup here:

Thank you @christoomey for reply :slight_smile: I review ur dotfiles repo and “take” urs config :sunglasses: (with a bit change in key-stroke)

now all works as it should :smile: