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Vim's gx command not working in tmux?

(Joshua Steele) #1

Today I decided to implement @christoomey’s script for always staying in tmux. That in itself is working great, but one problem I’ve run into is that vim’s gx command (which opens the URL under your cursor in a browser) doesn’t seem to work from within tmux. It still works fine from a normal shell window, but inside tmux the screen just flashes, and that’s it.

Any idea what could be causing this?

(Joshua Steele) #2

Well, scratch that. I went back this morning and it works fine. :grimacing: Not sure what happened - perhaps Chrome needed to be restarted? Strange. Sorry for the false alarm.

(Chris Toomey) #3

@joshukraine Glad to hear you were able to sort it.

I’m not certain, but my guess is that you needed reattach-to-user-namespace loaded and it may not have been initially. The open command (which Vim uses behind the scenes with gx) requires the reaatach-to-user-namespace similar to clipboard work. Figured I would comment in case anyone else hit the issue.