Week 2 follower/following relationships

I was wondering if anyone could point me to some other resources or explanations of this relationship? I feel like toward the end of the video he was starting to make more sense but getting there he went through a lot of name and association changes and I’ve become quite confused.

I’m not even sure how to ask a more specific question, I think it might just be good to hear it from another angle. Thanks.

Try Michael Hartl’s explanation:


Not quite the same, but goes into more detail and lets you visualize the problem and what’s going on in the solution.

Perfect, thanks. I’ll work through this.

I agree it was a tad daunting towards the end and left me confused. Since this was posted in August. I was wondering has anyone else come across anything that may reinforce this concept?

I have stumbled upon this http://youtu.be/jSUWu50XK48?t=3m15s