Week 3 - extend ActiveModel::Naming not working

I just got to the part where I’m creating the timeline class and i’m trying to implement ActiveModel Naming, but it’s not working. I get the same “to_partial_path” error. When I create the “to_partial_path” method and specify a partial, it works as expected and I’m able to continue with the workshop.

I’m going to continue using the to_partial_path method, but I’d really like to get the ActiveModel naming thing working.

Here’s my code:


class Timeline
  extend ActiveModel::Naming

  def initialize(user)
    @user = user

I saw another thread in here where they had to use ActiveModel::Conversion, but that didn’t work for me either.

The only thing that worked for me involves removing the ActiveModel::Naming extension and using this instead.

def to_partial_path

Please help!


I got this to work with include ActiveModel::Model instead of extend ActiveModel::Naming According the the API docs, this includes more than just naming.

Is this okay to do? I’m not quite sure what the pros and cons are here.

Which rails version do you use? In rails 4 include ActiveModel::Conversion should work without any issue.

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I’m using rails 4. Ah yes, include not extend That worked for me! Thank you :smile:

Yeah I did the same thing. I’ve used extend as first too ;).

For Rails 4 work that involves what you’re trying to do, it’s best to use ActiveModel::Model. It’s now best practice to do so.

It gives you :naming, :conversion, and essentially all the common things from ActiveModel required for robust classes dealing with Rails without necessarily being attached to anything that’ll be written in a database.


Very cool! Thanks, @kevinlozandier!