What data model tools do you use?

I´m using mysql-workbench, and you guys?

for modeling large database structure, I typically let Rails migrations handle a lot of it, and just let the data structure evolve as I need it, but if I need to make the database first, or dive into the data directly since I do not always work in Rails. I use Navicat its not free but its a awesome DBA tool.

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I’m using pgAdmin3 . I don’t know a lot about Postgresql, but it serves my needs when I need to check that a Rails migration was properly executed, or when I have a bug and want to see what’s going on in the database.

I probably should learn to work with the Postgresql cli, but I didn’t find the time yet.

Sequel Pro for MySQL. (Mac only).

Haven’t settled on anything for Postgres yet.

I use Navicat Premium a lot. It can talk to most of the DBS I use: Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL and Sqlite. I am not sure whether it can talk to MS SQLServer on Windows too, because I work on Mac.

When it comes to PostgreSQL I use psql a lot too. It’s a very nice client, much better than the MySQL client - Sqlplus by Oracle is awful.

I use pgAdmin3 when I need to export data for my co-founder or want to browse it with him visually, otherwise I try to use the Rails and psql consoles whenever possible.