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Where do you put parsable test files? (e.g., csv)

(Cyle Hunter) #1

Where do you put pre-generated parsable test files such as csv, xml or json files? I’ve been putting them in the ./spec/fixtures folder up until now, but maybe there’s a better spot?

By parsable, I mean of course that there’s some function in your application that is expecting a csv file for processing.

(Mickael Kurmann) #2

Hi I put them in my spec dir, under a files dir. I never had a lot of files so I put everythings in the files dir, no sub. dir.

(Pedro Moreira) #3

Hi @Cyle_Hunter,

I think the most appropriate place is the spec/fixtures folder. They provide a fixed set of data for running your tests, so they pretty much fit the definition of “fixture” :slight_smile: