Which do you think is evaluated more In tech interview, using ruby methods or making methods from scratch?

In ruby, there are lots of convenient methods, so I’m wondering whether I should use ruby methods as much as possible to show my proficiency in ruby in tech interview.

For example, when we need to create something like priority queue, we can create it in no time with ‘sort’ or ‘sort_by’. But if we create it from scratch, it needs more time.
Although , I think, it depends on the situation, generally, which do you think is evaluated more in tech interview, using ruby methods to make the codes simpler with less time, or creating methods from scratch with basic data structure to show the detailed understanding to algorithms?

Usually the interviewer will specify if they want you to implement something yourself rather than using the existing language implementation. If it’s not clear, there’s usually no harm in asking for clarification, rather than making an incorrect assumption.

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Your advise sounds reasonable to me.
I’ll follow your way.
Thank you, Andy!