Accessing view helpers in different controllers

Hello folks, so I have the following

# app/helpers/experts_helper.rb

module Experts Helper
def twitter_link(expert)
  link_to expert.twitter_url, class: 'social-link', target: '_blank' do
   content_tag(:i, '', class: 'fa fa-twitter expert-fa')

def linkedin_link(expert)
  link_to expert.linkedin_url, class: 'social-link', target: '_blank' do
    content_tag(:i, '', class: 'fa fa-linkedin expert-fa')

I can access these methods in all my views/experts/.. but not on the views/admin/experts/.. How can I access these view helpers in the admins’ views?

By default, all your helpers modules will be available in every view. But it’s possible that your application has a configuration to change that behavior. Check if application.rb has the following configuration:

config.action_controller.include_all_helpers = false

If so, remove it or change it’s value to true.

More information here:

@repoles, I added it the application.rb and even included include ExpertsHelper in my Admin::ExpertsController < AdminController, but still can’t access them. BTW I’m running Rails 3.2.18 and ruby-2.0.0-p451