Anyone have experience with Atlassian's SourceTree?

On my current project, we’ve run into many conflicts when merging, sometimes requiring multiple git pull origin master and then conflict resolution. This is a very large project with multiple committers and using submodules for ‘library’ and ‘configuration’ elements.

One of the folks suggested SourceTree as a way to make life a bit easier… has anyone had experience with this or other GUI/high-level git tools along these lines?

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I use the cli for everyday stuff, but if I need a graphical overview, I use Tower I’ve briefly tried SourceTree, and it looks similar to Tower, but free.

When faced with a nasty merge conflict I use (Mac Only) Follow this link for a killer setup!

Hope this helps.

Thanks @coloradobum; Tower looks interesting but this client requires only open-source or authorized apps. I’ll see if they have or can get that. Same for kaleidoscope… looks like a great setup!