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Anyone using Waffle.io?

(Anthony Lee) #1

Anyone here usign waffle.io? I would love to hear any feedback using vs using pivotal tracker… or trello. What you like about it and don’t like about it…

(Geoff Harcourt) #2

My co-founder and I used it for a couple weeks alongside Trello to see if the added benefit was worth it. We found that the Github issue integration was nice, but because we still had to move cards around manually when we deployed to staging and production, it wasn’t enough to outweigh the better markup and content editing in Trello.

(Jurre) #3

We’ve had it for a while but ended up not really using it a lot…

(Anthony Lee) #4

@geoffharcourt that’s good to know. I can see it being double work. I do love the github integration with issues, perhaps it can be great for open source projects? I am still playing around with it. They do have closing the issue with git commit, but I guess Trello is more flexible in many ways. Thank you for taking the time to give some input!