New here, saying Hi!

I just signed up for Upcase. I’m entirely self taught for close to two years. I been working on and been getting help from a Thoughtbot Dev at Hackerhours on Sunday over at the Flatiron School.

I wanted to say Hi to the folks on here. I’m from Harlem, NY and would love to pair up with peeps here or get a coffee with NYC people while we work on our projects!

Happy coding guys!

-Sze Chan

Hey Sze, and welcome!

I just signed up for

Two small recommendations: remove password confirmation and email confirmation. Would make it easier to sign up (and make the signup for less intimidating).

Also, nice job adding the discover link to my dashboard, but I’m not totally clear on what I should do now that I’ve signed up.

Hey! Dude I’m going through your VIM track just now and it’s surreal watching a video of you and then a notification pops up that you replied to my post! Cool!

I think I should prompt the user more for easy engagement. They are suppose to think of a task they want to accomplish and post it on the left form. (The app then tells the user that if she doesn’t check in, they will get a text about it). That’s the other thing I haven’t thought about much yet, how do you make sure users know how to use your app, the User experience.

I think I will need to have some sort of visual demo with arrows and stuff.

Thanks for your feedback Ben! I’m going to force myself to use VIM all week and have it become a part of my flow.

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Yeah VIM is the best, I’m going to signup to your app as well.
Quick question, how are you hosting your rails app, VPS or something like Heroku?

Cheers and welcome!

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I am hosting the app on Heroku because it’s probably the easiest way to deploy an app and push up production code that I know. (Actually the only way I know right now, my Sysadmin friend recently suggested i move over the DigitalOcean but I thought it was too complicated for a simple app like this)

I’m taking a one week breather from working actively on the app to try and move up my entire workflow to VIM. Thanks for signing up Anthony, let me know what you find most useful about the app and whether or not you’ll like a feature I can put in!

Moving your workflow into Vim has enormous benefits. The start can be painful as things you currently do quickly are a little slower, but every investment you make pays huge repeatable dividends later. I used to consider myself fast when I worked in Sublime (I had a pretty sharpened configuration, good muscle memory), but there are some truly amazing things you can do in Vim. I’ve also found that Vimmers love sharing their tricks, so there’s always more improvements you can pick up.

I think about it like playing guitar: the basics are really accessible, but there’s always something new to master, and folks of different experience levels often can both teach tricks to each other. Whenever I pair with someone else in Vim I try to absorb something about their setup or use of Vim.

@benorenstein had some great advice in this talk he gave to Rails developers about Vim, which is to always be trying to learn a handful of things at once. Keep a list of the ten things you’re working on (ten is a handful, right?) and check it often. Take things you learned or really aren’t practicing off, and replace them with new things that you are experimenting with. If you notice yourself avoiding the new thing (mine currently is using marks more often), undo to the point where you can use the new trick, and do it again with the trick.

This is a great forum to ask questions and share your learning with the rest of the forum members. Welcome.

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I can’t seem to get rid of the ~ at the end of my files, any suggestions?
I added noswapfile to my .vimrc file but it’s still appears

Hey there @Fourfingerz ,

Welcome. I also live in Harlem! Would love to grab a coffee sometime.

Hey! Yes, let’s do it! I live on 144th and Broadway. There are a couple of good coffee shops by there. We should pair code!