Two interesting pull requests on the Upcase repo

Hey all!

If you’re on our $29/month plan, that means you have access to the repo for Upcase on GitHub. (You can get access here if you haven’t yet:

I thought two recent pull requests were worth reading.

First, is a pull I opened that didn’t get merged. I sort of like when this happens, because it seems to indicate our standards are high. I think there’s some interesting discussion and an example of the Null Object pattern.

Next, is a pull where I removed 1,473 lines of code. Maybe not super informative, but definitely fun.


I really enjoy seeing the back and forth conversation on the pull request, and the final “meh maybe that pattern doesn’t work here”. It really shows how much value there is in having code review.

Also seeing you nuke nearly 1500 lines of code is pretty fun.

Thanks for sharing those.