Upcase Code Contest

Recently, we ran a group-coding app-building contest for Upcase subscribers. In this video, Ben and Chris review each of the submissions, both highlighting great aspects and suggesting some areas for improvement. Live code review at its finest!

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So we look for members here???

It looks like the place to look for team mates is this forum post.

@christoomey @benorenstein The link to the bottom of Upcase code contest review weekly iteration returns a 404 fyi.

Thank you @christoomey and @benorenstein. Code reviews like this is so valuable, and can’t be seen in any of other video tutorial services that I am subscribed to—which makes Upcase so much more valuable. It’s also cool to see other Upcase subscribers and their level of coding skills.

I am in Cambodia for my non profit assignment so I am not sure how that will work, but I would love to join again! Regardless, thank you guys so much for the review!

Fixed the link. Thanks for pointing it out!

Are you sure the link is fixed? It tells me: “Sorry, you don’t have access to that topic!”, even though I am an Upcase member.

@christoomey Why do you prefer local vs instance variable in this case? What is the benefit of doing so? I am trying to understand. :grin:

Hey @antwonlee, I lean towards local variables over instance variables for the explicitness. Josh Clayton and I discuss this in depth in the Encapsulation and Global State in Rails weekly iteration, but it comes down to finding local variables are a simpler and more direct approach (although unfortunately not standard).