The Second Upcase Code Contest

Hello everyone!

Today, we released the Upcase Code Contest code review episode of the Weekly Iteration; and since it went so well, we’ve decided run another one!

We’ll follow largely the same format: groups of 2-3 will work together on a sample application. We’ll provide all of the details and specifications for the app, as well as the timeline, on January 8th. In the meantime, feel free to use this thread to find teammates and ask any other questions.

Happy holiday!

– Chris


oh i’m down to do this again! I had a lot of fun in the first one. I’ll be in UTC -10.

I missed the last one, but I for sure want to participate in this one. Let’s form teams people :slight_smile:

I am gonna be on CET +1

Yes, this was a great first project to work on. Would do again!

@ajkamel I joined Upcase after the first project started, but would love to join you in doing the upcoming one! I’m a RoR, React, and Angular developer in the Boston area.

I’d love to take part. Hit me up here or on Twitter

In as well. Pacific Time. Cheers!

This sounds like fun. I’m interested. Hit me up! I’m on Pacific time.

I am currently in Cambodia for work so I am not sure how timezone stuff will work, but I would love to contribute. If the team requires 3 people, maybe I can be 1/2 person? :grin:

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Ok so lets actually start forming teams. Do you all agree ?

Oh and im a software engineer, doing RoR/Angular.

I’m definitely interested in participating in this. I live in Massachusetts so Eastern time for me. Let’s form teams.


Hi All,

I’m definitely up for the challenge. Located in Amsterdam.

Just wondering what the timeline is for completion of the challenge is and what the expected time available is? I’m very busy, so won’t have all day to hack away :wink:

Free to chat? My email is

I’m also Eastern time (North Carolina). Sending you a message!

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I’m up for a second round! UTC+0 (London).

I’d love to take part this time, I couldn’t participate in the past one.

UTC - 4, maybe we should create an excel file for organize the teams and participants.

I’d also like to join :smile:
Bavaria (UTC+1)

I want to participate, looking for a team (UTC-4)