Experimental study group

Hi all,

I’ve got an idea I’d like to test out. If you’re the eager early-adopter type, read on.

I’d like to create a study group of 5-10 developers who are super passionate about improving their programming skills.

If you’d like to join, I’m going to ask you to agree to the following:

  1. Group members must be willing to invest a minimum of 4 hours each week in improving their skills. You will be asked to complete programming challenges, take part in remote pairing sessions, do review on each others’ code, and take part in occasional Google Hangouts.

  2. I want this group to have time to build cohesions and strong relationships, so you must agree to participate for the next 3 months (this means you must also remain subscribed to Prime during this time).

  3. You must take be comfortable taking charge of your own learning. I plan to help guide this group from a distance, but I will not be active member.

If the above commitments sound more exciting than daunting, reply in this thread and state your interest.

I’d like to keep this first experiment small, so I won’t be able to accept everyone. I’ll likely do a bit of screening to make sure people in the group have similar goals, and are likely to contribute actively. However, rest assured that if this first attempt is a success, we’ll start additional groups.

Feel free to post any questions you have.

I’d love to participate!

My only question is related to timezones, since I’m in Europe… will it be possible to arrange pairing sessions and hangouts with everyone?

That definitely sounds exciting and I would love to participate.I already spend almost all day everyday learning Rails and trying to advance to the next level.However I do It alone and being in a study group might be something I need.

Here is my Github account if you want to check it out: brozturk (Burak Ozturk) · GitHub
and here is my blog where I write about some of the stuff I do: http://codingturk.com/

Hope I fit the minimum level of experience required to participate.If i do and there is room count me in!

Definitely interested in a group like you’ve described.

I am very interested in participating.

I am interested in participating.

This idea seems pretty stellar. Count me in!

The only catch for me would be if these groups are during working hours (Eastern Timezone) it might be tough for me. I could participate in chats, but probably not Google Hangouts or pairing sessions.


Sign me up.

This sounds awesome. Where do I sign?

This sounds very interesting. I’d like to sign up as well.

Not that it matters much to me, but would there be exposure to more functional languages as well as Ruby and presumably Javascript?

I’m very interested, if there is still room.

Thanks for your responses all. I’ve been away at a conference all week, but I’ll work on setting this up tomorrow.

Talk soon!

At first? Probably not. However, perhaps you can convince the group that those things are worth studying together.

Not sure about this yet. It’s certainly easier logistically to have folks in close-by timezones. I’ll let you know.

I am located in Europe and I’ve worked with US guys without any issues. If you agree on times which are suitable for everyone, than there is no problem.

I too live in Europe.

I am interested.

This sounds terrific and I would definitely be interested in participating if there is still space.

I’m certainly curious to see more on what the direction the study group would be taking and the level it would be working at. Either way, if I can both give and take away something I would be excited to join. :+1:

i would definitely like to participate… great idea!

Interested as well…

I like this idea! I am interested.