Let's pair! I'm working on app that allows learners to create their own courses

Hi there!

I’m Alejo. I’ve been doing Rails for almost 2 years. I started Junto Studio, a web dev company with a focus on alternative education. Lately, I’ve been working on Learnhub, an app that allows learners to create their own courses.

Would love to pair with another Upcaser! I feel pairing is the best hack to accelerate your learning curve.

I’m currently living in Austin (UTC-06:00). Anything after 1pm here would work perfectly!

Looking forward to meeting some of you and learn a lot!

I think it would be helpful if you posted which time zone you’re in.

Done, thanks!

@alejorivera If you haven’t find a pairing partner yet, I would like to pair with you, I’ve few months of experience with Rails, signed up for Upcase just today to fill in the gaps in my education :smile:
My time-zone is EST, so no much time difference. PM if you are still interested in pairing, thanks.

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I happen to live in Austin as well, so if you would be down for some old fashioned in person pairing let me know!

@alejorivera My current timezone is EST I have 3+ years of Rails experience would love to pair with you if you are still looking for a partner.