Fullstack developer looking to upskill and do some pairing work


I’m a journeyman in the Rails world, three years professional experience, mostly in Ruby/Rails but some PHP and Docker/devops work. I’ve built an incomplete set of knowledge and recently when tasked with a greenfield project felt surprisingly overwhelmed by writing specs in the middle/top of the testing pyramid and keeping up my knowledge of best practices. In most roles I’ve held I’ve had the privilege of being paired with highly skilled developers who helped me to learn and grow, but I miss the opportunity to ping-pong tests and engage over code directly.

I’m really open to work on anything and available 4-9pm GMT -05 and beyond 7 days a week. I’m comfortable in Ruby with and without Rails, and I run the latest versions of Debian usually. I’m a somewhat novice vim user but am embracing it and tmux in my workflow to nice effect, but there is certainly a long road ahead. Specifically my goals are to become an rspec/testing ninja and master the craft of spec’ing out an application and then building to those specs in an efficient, clean and zen manner. Legacy or new apps, I have a few projects laying around that could be fun to revisit

I love the content that this community curates and generates. It’s at the level of quality I’m aspiring to reach.

I’m available to pair program, but i am new to it. also, my skills at testing are… somewhat untested. https://github.com/vedabrat to add me to the project. i also am zoom ready.