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Pair with me! (remote pair programming)

(Patrik Bóna) #1

Hello All,

Do you have any experiences with remote pair programming? I would like to give it a try, so if you can give me some hints about computer setup or your experiences with it it would be great.

Or if some of you would like to pair program with me it would be even better! It can be whatever. Standalone Ruby app, or Rails app, or next challenge from prime subscribers. I do not care, I just want to learn ;).

I would evaluate myself as intermediate Rails developer. You can check my github or my blog to see my code.

So is anyone of you interested?

(Patrik Bóna) #2

Nobody? Really?

Here are some more details about me and how to contact me: http://rubybeginner.com/pair-program-with-me.html

In short: I believe in TDD and use Vim and I really want to try pair programming! :wink:

(Pedro Moreira) #3

@patrikbona, I’d happy to give it a go. Maybe toward the end of the month I can arrange for some time, talk to you then?

(Patrik Bóna) #4

It would be great! Do you have any experiences with remote pairing? Is there anything what should I prepare in advance?

(Pedro Moreira) #5

No, I’ve never tried remote pairing, that’s one of reasons I’m interested :slight_smile:

Maybe you’d like to think of something to work on? Also, you can reach by email at pedro@pedrosmmoreira.com and you can find my github profile at http://github.com/pedrosmmoreira

(Yevgeniy Viktorov) #6

I another one who never tried remote pairing yet :smile:

Probably something like https://c9.io/ would be helpful to get started, with it’s realtime collaboration:

(Yevgeniy Viktorov) #7

Oh, and google hangouts of course :wink:

(Gergely Molnar) #8

I haven’t tried it yet but https://floobits.com/ with Sublime looks good. I am also open to pairing but I am from Europe so it may be a bit difficult to find the right time.

(Andrew Charles Potter Kelley) #9

@patrikbona I’ll down to try peer-programming whenever, though I’ll be participating in StarupWeekendProvidence tomorrow.

I’ve just moved over from using sublime to Tmux and Vim.

(charlieanna) #10

Hey @patrikbona. You can join the course on https://www.edx.org/course/berkeley/cs169-1x/software-service/1136. They do pair programming for solving homeworks using google hangouts. If interested you can join that.

Basically for remote pair programming one of the developers writes the test and the other makes them pass.