UTC +1 (Copenhagen) - Looking for pairs

I did some remote pair programming last year and I would like to get back into it. So would like to hear from people who wanna pair :smile:

I’m in UTC +1 (Copenhagen) and I use Vim and tmux. thoughtbot style!

I’m mostly interested in pairing on Haskell stuff, maybe we could solve some of the Ruby exercises in Haskell. I would also like to pair with someone who was experience building web stuff in Haskell, as I would like to learn that and I’m not really sure where to start.
However I also have lots of Rails and TDD experience so if you have something you wanna work on, I’m game!

I guess you can reply here, or send me an email at david.pdrsn@gmail.com

@davidpdrsn let’s setup a pair. My schedule is flexible. what’s your availability?

I’m also a fun of Vim and tmux :smile:

I should have time this Sunday.

Sound good. let’s discuss in email instead.