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Want to pair on some Algorithm stuff?

(De Wet Blomerus) #1

I am wanting to get myself listed on toptal.com and part of the interview process is solving some problems on codility.com I have learned that many developers gets stuck at this step because the problems are algorithmic array manipulation which isn’t usually what we do in Web Development. I have been tackling some codility.com problems and they are actually a really fun challenge but would be even more fun with a pair. Does anyone want to pair with me on one of these? We would use Tmate & Vim to share a session and Rspec & Ruby to test drive our solutions and then we just copy and paste them into the codility.com online editor.

If you know of a better community to find people to pair with, please suggest.

(tommotaylor) #2

Hey there, this sounds really fun actually. I’m also very keen to be working for Toptal but I’m not sure if I’m quite at the level. I would guess I’m an intermediate level developer, happy with building most things but definitely learning a lot every day. Anyhow, it would be great to pair on this and see if we could help eachother.

(De Wet Blomerus) #3

That sounds great @tommotaylor

Don’t worry about being at the right level. I have never tried to teach Algorithm stuff and as soon as I do, I’ll get better at it because I forced my brain to understand it deeper to be able to talk about it. So even if I end up just teaching you what I know, it will be a great benefit to me. Also, I regularly get stuck with it, so having someone to be stuck with will be more fun than without.

It would be best to try and put a time on the calendar, I like being spontaneous but ALL notifications except phone calls are turned off because they pull me off task, so there is no way to tell me “Hey I am available now”

What do you think we should block off, 60 minutes? 90 Minutes?

I am in Cape Town so GMT+2
What time zone are you in?

On most week days I can work on this during office hours, 9am to 5pm my time. Or 8pm to 10pm after the kids are in bed.

(Jason Data) #4

You still doing this? I’d be interested to meet up and pair.