UTC+0 (London) - Let's Pair

  • Available evenings/weekends
  • Middle-to-senior level but happy to pair with people at any level
  • I Normally focus on backend Rails but I’d love to pick up more JS
  • I have my app techradar.io, but I’d prefer to pair on something else.
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@andyw8 I’d love to pair. I can do 8pm London time any day. I’d say I’m an intermediate level Rails dev, and I have an app we could work on.

Are you up for it? You can email me at alejo@juntostudio.com or reply here.

@alejorivera - great, I’ve sent you an email.

This, right here, is a beautiful thing. :smile:

Thought I’d write up a little about the pairing session with Alejo.

Alejo is an Atom user, so we decided to use Google Hangouts for screen sharing. Alejo done the driving and I watched and commented.

Alejo began by describing the feature he wanted to implement. The initial scope of the problem was potentially quite big, so we cut it down to a smaller task, that we could expand on later.

We drove the implemention with TDD, starting with a feature spec, and later dropping into the controller and model specs.

Some of the interesting things that came up:

  • The importance of being able to run a test from within your editor, preferrably with an easy keyboard shortcut.

  • I’m very used to adding a call to binding.pry to troubleshoot a failing test. This works in Vim, but it seems not to in Atom - we could see the Pry prompt but there was no way to interact with it.

  • We discussed the pros and cons of writing controller specs versus just relying of feature specs. Since Alejo hadn’t written one before, we decided to go ahead for the experience.

  • We talked about how passing params as hidden form fields may be a security risk, since they can be modified by an end user.

Alejo was using Sqlite locally for development. We ran into an issue at one point with the database being locked. Killing off the active Ruby processes didn’t seem to solve it, so we decided to call it a day at that point. We had paired for about 80 minutes, and the time goes very quickly!


Really enjoyed this writeup. Thanks for posting it.

We had paired for about 80 minutes, and the time goes very quickly!

I’ve found the same. It’s probably a good idea to plan on 90ish minutes for these pairing sessions, since there’s always some time “lost” to discussion and setup.