UTC+0 London - Pairing


I have been working with Rails for about 2 years now and I currently do not TDD because It’s all new to me and I don’t fully understand it, I can write feature tests but that is about it, so I would love to TDD an app with somebody.

I am available in the evenings from 6:30pm


Dude…m here. Remeber we started an app but then we stopped working.

I would like to pair too. Im basic-ish user as in I know most of the basic stuff but Struggling with understanding Stubs&mocks. Available after 6pm mon-fri. sat-sun allday.

@abdulla_aden What’s your time zone?

When are you free charlie?

I can take out 2 hours of my time for this if you want. From now to 2-3 more hours. This will be 11pm to 2 am for me.

Charlie, how about Monday?

London time zone. GMT. How about you @nozpheratu?

I’m CST. I can pair but I can only really do it over the weekends if you’re 5 hours ahead. Anybody can feel free to send me a PM.

I would say I’m an intermediate level developer, I’m not an expert on any particular subject when it comes to building rails apps but I’ve had enough experience to speak at least somewhat intelligently on most facets of it. Also I’ve never really paired before.

yeah sure. We can do Monday