Let's Pair - React/Rails - CET +1(Serbia, Belgrade)

Hi fellow coders! :smile:

I am currently trying to figure out react and its philosophy, so if you would like to do it together, please let me know. Project is about a small blog that I planned to expand to be a reddit clone. No TDD here, just trying to figure out react and how it works. I am currently using react-rails gem for react.

As far as my experience goes, I am a software engineer that does Angular/Rails during work hours and tries to hack on other things ( or improve in rails/angular ) during night/early morning hours. Also pretty interested in business and trying to get better at that aspect as well.

Preferred tools for remote pairing are tmate with vim , but if other side prefers something else we can figure it out! I am usually free to work on this Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday morning or night times.

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I’m working with React and Rails as well. I’m pretty happy with our setup, but I’d love to pair and learn some more React. I’m also a vim user, but I’ve never used tmate, so that’s another learning opportunity for me. Hit me up and let’s coordinate. max at beek.io.

Hey @maxhm10!

Thanks for the reply. I am gonna hit you up and we can figure out a time that works well for us.