Hey im a felllow upcase member and freelancer I currently have an overflow of jobs and seeking people who want to work from home on projects

These are great for people who finished upcase and don’t have a portfolio to work on… These are REAL WORLD projects and clients… You also will be paid … So reply if interested. We can pair on projects as well…


Definitely interested in some side gigs!

These aren’t for super experienced rails developer… more like intro / intermediate type stuff…

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I’d be interested in working on some side projects as well! I’m still more of a junior developer too, only been programming professionally for about 8 months now

I’m also interested. I’ve been working as a PHP developer with Codeigniter/Laravel for 4 years and i started learning ruby on rails about 2 months ago. It would be very nice to work on a real world rails project.

Ok I’m setting it up and going to see who is available we can pair program but I have a crazy time schedule are all of you available most night times??? Im currently located in Middle America…

Not all, but in some nights i’m avaiable. I live in Brazil, what time zone are you in?

I’m interested as well. Currently I am doing contract work but am seeking to take on more projects. I’m available most nights (Eastern Standard Time) if you wanted to pair up.

I have been working on Rails for more than 2 years now. I consider myself at an intermediate level.

I can dedicate more than 30 hours a week. And since you are from America (and available at night times) and I am from Asia, we can easily overlap good amount of time. Thanks.

This sounds great as I’ve been looking for opportunities to do more RoR projects as well as to pair program.

I’ve been doing freelance web development for about 12 years. I started with PHP then discovered RoR in 2008 or so, maybe earlier. Followed RoR tutorials, read books, read blogs, watched probably almost ALL the Railscasts , developed my own RoR projects for fun/learning and then finally built a flight scheduler application for a client that I’ve been working on for about 3 years or so now. I’ve completed most of the Rails-related Upcase trails, as well.

I’m currently located in Florida and have a pretty flexible schedule.

I’m not free every night but definitely some nights and I’m located in California.

i have 2 yrs exp (ntermediate) would be interested Enjoy challenges! Have a good sense of humour and really passionate about web development. Based in the UK

I am interested to work on live project and want to enhance my skills as well.

I’m also interested. I’m making the change from full-time developer to freelancer. I would love to work on any projects and collaborate. I’m located in Florida and am available most nights. Please keep me in mind for any future opportunities. Thanks

I’m also definitely interested. I’m a full-time dev and I’m looking to pick up some freelance gigs to up my skills.

Very interested too. 7+ years of Rails experience.


We just started a rails development Agency called 33volcanoes and are looking for projects. We have experience with Spree, ActiveAdmin, Postgres, mysql, rspec, and ember. We are currently playing with react and rails.

skype: abandy2000
email: moneer@33volcanoes.com


Very late to the party here but also really interested in this is if you’re still looking for intermediate Rails devs. I am London based and free most days.


So this is roughly 2 months later than the “late” responses but I’m also looking for projects. I’m just finishing up a Rails bootcamp (Bloc). I would love to meet people and pitch in where I can!

Hey are you still looking for developers for your projects. I am also available. Please respond.