Thoughtbot books

Hey does anyone know where the books went? I can’t see to find them? I didn’t get a chance to download the before they started to change things on the site. I’m particularly looking for the Backbone on Rails one.



I can’t find them either but you can try cloning the repo (you should have access) and find the book in the /release folder. Hope it helps.

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Hi, Chad!

I am a bit confused. While browsing the site a couple of months ago, I got an impression that the books are available to subscribers. Having joined today, I cannot seem to find them anywhere.

In any case, what is the current policy and how can I get my hands on them?



Alright, off after my card then.

@benorenstein, with all of the new books being released as of late what is currently included in the Upcase subscription? The previous books have all disappeared from the upcase pages and are only available on GitHub. But I don’t see any of the new releases. Are they not included? Just curious so we can decide to purchase them or not.

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@benorenstein It seem the books section are not available to upcase subscribers anymore?

That’s correct. Books are no longer bundled as part of an Upcase subscription.

Oh man, what’s the reasoning?

The biggest reason was that people didn’t seem to value them (or read them) very much. It felt like their bundling in with so much other content led folks to just download them but never crack them open.


It took me a while, but I’m finally working through ruby science and think it’s a great companion to a lot of the recent weekly iteration videos + some of the older OOP ones. It’s a great book, probably the best of the 3-4 that I got when they were made available.

I read most of the iOS book when it was still in beta and it was useful when I was doing a rails-mobile api project last year and playing around with different JS frontends. That new haskell one is on my list, along with actually doing the haskell trail, once work stops being crazy.

I haven’t really looked at the geocoding or backbone ones, but yeah ruby science is the business and very much relevant to what I think is the best content on upcase.

Totally agree!

It just doesn’t happen to be free with a subscription anymore :smile:

I am curious as to what this is based on? I could see if you came to this conclusion based on small download numbers, but how did you determine no one was actually reading them?

I kept having mentoring calls with people who said that. Also people who I did general customer interviews with.

That is bad news…

I believe those books really helped me to consider on subscription, so, I’ve those which were available on the time of subscription downloaded and had a chance to read at least two, time to time I love to refer to ruby since as well.

Was going to download ruby since in a different format (mobi) and found that it isn’t a part of bundle anymore, which makes me sad.

Any chance to at least keep the books which were originally available on my plan?

Thank you!

Upcasers: thoughtbot’s books are still available at a steep discount today on Gumroad from our Black Friday sale at 60% off the normal price. Many of the books are $15 or less. I believe the discount gets turned off on Thursday, but if you’re up late you can snag a copy of a book here: