You should read Ruby Science

I’ve had a few mentoring sessions now with folks who had questions that are answered quite well in Ruby Science.

It’s really a great book, and worth your time to read it.

It’s available on GumRoad: Ruby Science


Ruby Science seems to be missing from the Github account. I’m getting a 404 from the link here (and the one from the page for the book in Learn), and don’t see it on thoughtbot’s Github page.

Can you double-check that you’re logged in on Github? That’s usually the issue when the book repo is 404-ing.

If that doesn’t help, let me know and we’ll look into it.

Definitely logged in, but if it’s private perhaps I wasn’t added properly. I have my credentials on the accounts page, but I don’t think I actually have the account linked. I noticed that there was an option to log in with Github but I already had an account from a long time ago when I went to a workshop. Downloading it from the Learn website works fine though so I’m set, but the Github thing is so cool…

I have the book and love it. However, Joel is correct in that the link is 404’d. I’m also logged in.

Ah, looks like we had a bogus value for your Github username. That explains why you didn’t get added correctly.

I changed it in the db to robamaton, so this won’t be an issue with future products.

I’ll get you added to the Ruby Science repo shortly as well.

@benorenstein - When you get a chance, can you check on my username as well? Just want to make sure I’m good for future links you guys may post. No rush though.

Yep, it’s sao.

I downloaded ruby science back in July, do I need to download a new version?

Well, our copy editor made hundreds of style changes since then. There have also been a good amount of other small tweaks. No major new content, but the book should read a lot better.

You can see for yourself what changed here: Commits · thoughtbot/ruby-science · GitHub

I get a 404 as well when trying to access Ruby Science when logged into thoughtbot. I suspect something is wrong with my access credentials – In the inject/survey_inviter exercises, I am not able to push my results (message is: ‘Everything is up-to-date’), and the commit button is disabled.

yup, getting a 404-error as well, when trying to download the Ruby Science book



@Uzma_Rahman I’ve added your GitHub user to the Ruby Science team. You should have access now.

@acandael_acanda I’ve confirmed that you’re already on the correct team. Perhaps you weren’t logged in to GitHub (or logged in to the wrong account?). We have acandael as your GitHub user.

yeah, now I can download the .pdf with the link you provided in this post. I don’t know why I have two different account names. Maybe the fact that I have registered before on Upcase (Learn), canceled my subscription and then subscribed again a couple of months later could have something to do with it.

Anyway, it would be better if my account is ‘acandael’, so you guys don’t have to type acandael_acanda every time you reply to my post or comments :smile:



I don’t seem to be able to view the PDF either. Can you check if I’m added @benorenstein? Thanks!

Who’s supposed to have access to this book? It seems I’m not in this repositories team. Can you add me @benorenstein?

@jdanielnd I’ve confirmed you’re in the repository. You can also download all the formats of the book on the upcase website, here Ruby Science

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Is Ruby Science part of the upcase subscription? I’m new to upcase and would love to read Ruby Science.

It used to be, but not any longer.

It’s available on GumRoad now for separate purchase. Ruby Science

I updated my original post to point there.

I downloaded Ruby Science back when it was still part of the subscription. Has there been any major changes with the book that would warrant a purchase?

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