Does it take a while to have access of the learn repo after subscription?

Hi guys,

I’ve just subscribed Prime Basic. However, I do not have access to the learn repo at Github. Do you have any ideas about that? Just wondering does it take some time to have permission to access the repo?

Thanks a lot!!

PS: For books like Ruby Science and Geocoding on Rails, I do not have access at Github either. :frowning:

Mine happened almost immediately, @Jingkai_He. Maybe @benorenstein can help you out?

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Thanks a lot @JESii. It seems that I’m not alone. :smile_cat:

@benorenstein, can you help me out?

That’s odd, you should have gotten access immediately when you signed up (like @JESii).

I’ll take a look first thing on Monday. Sorry about the trouble!

I’ve given you access to the Learn repo, as well as Ruby Science and Geocoding.

Please let me know if you have trouble accessing any other products.

Hi @benorenstein. Now I get access of Learn, as well as Ruby Science and Geocoding.

Thank you very much!

It seems that something go wrong with Github, if I search ‘only: private’ in the main page of Thoughtbot. lol.

Hi @benorenstein.

I cannot access backbone-js-on-rails at Github. Can you help open that?

Thanks a lot!!!


Sorry about the trouble. It looks like we might have a bug around adding users to GitHub teams.

That’s fine. Good job!!!