Ask us anything Friday, 2/27/15

@christoomey and I are going to host an Ask Us Anything this Friday at 3pm EST (Boston time.)

We’ll be recording a video of the session and releasing it afterwards.

If you can’t attend, but have a question you’d like us to tackle, just post it here.

Here are some of the questions I would love to hear from you guys.

  1. I told our COO about Thoughtbot and how you guys utilize Fridays to learn and contribute to an open source projects, which I think is an amazing value for a company… What benefits have you guys seen as a company, taking that time to invest on others? As a developer, do you guys find yourself gaining a lot of knowledge during these times?

  2. I have been considering this year to make a career change from a non profit sector to work in a consulting agency such as Thoughtbot. Mainly because Ben emphasizes how important it is to have mentors to become a better software developer, and I feel I lack that where I am working. I have been looking into applying for in Denver office… It seems like it is a very competitive program—what would you guys recommend to someone who is interested in the apprentice program to prepare prior to applying?

  3. What are some goals you guys have for Upcase in the next few years? Are you guys growing this training program to become bigger like or hope to stay the way it is currently?

  4. This question is to christoomey, how long did it take you to configure all your tmux configuration. What’s your secret? Do you literally just read tmux manuals when you have spare time? I never seen anyone who configures tmux to that level!

Thank you guys so much for you time!

Here’s the link! We’re live.

Doh! Just missed it. Wish this was pinned when it was posted. :frowning:

It was recorded. Thom will get it edited and we’ll post it soon.

I’ll pin the next announcement earlier too.