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New Weekly Show, submit your questions!

(Chad Pytel) #1

Hello Everyone! We’re going to be launching a new weekly show, exclusively for Prime subscribers, that explicitly has a segment for your questions. This will be a cross between an Ask Me Anything, and Mentoring.

Please feel free to post any questions you have for me, or anyone else at thoughtbot, in this thread.

Also, if you see a question you’d like for us to address on the show, click on the heart button to give it a ‘like’.

We look forward to answering your questions.
-Chad, and the rest of the thoughtbot team

(Crispin Cornett) #3

Cool! What’s the format/delivery method of the show?

(Chad Pytel) #4

@crispincornett this will be our first video show. We’re working out some of the technical details now and it will surely evolve over time. Also, we want it to be a bit of a surprise.

(Dean Richardson) #5

I’d love to see a discussion centered around dam4222’s question about multiple-file uploads with either jquery-upload and paperclip or “jackup”, the thoughtbot-developed alternative. This is a big issue for me as the approach I used for multiple file uploads in Rails 2.3 doesn’t look like it’s going to serve me as well for Rails 3.2 (plus I’d just like to see a simple, elegant approach.)


(Boris Kuznetsov) #6

How the session works in ruby? how works identification for browser (client) ?

(Crispin Cornett) #7

How about Open Source contribution/refactoring/bug fix section, where you find and/or identify a feature request, issue or simply a code improvement. Then go through the process where you fork the project, add the tests and the implementation code, and submit a pull request?

Also, I’d like to see demonstrations of pair programming…

(Chad Pytel) #9

I’ve posted more details about this new show, which features live group mentoring in a new thread here: http://forum.thoughtbot.com/t/introducing-our-newest-show-the-weekly-iteration/733.

We’re doing the first episode at 3:00pm tomorrow. I hope you’ll join me!