Introducing our newest show, The Weekly Iteration

I’m very excited to invite you all to join our new show, The Weekly Iteration.

This weekly show, hosted by me, explores the practice and craft of web and mobile app design and development, and is exclusively for Prime subscribers. The show includes a weekly Ask Me Anything session that is part office hours, part group mentoring session.

The first episode is tomorrow, August 23rd, at 3:00pm eastern time.

When you join the show live, you’ll get to ask questions and watch live. However, we will be releasing a higher quality recording for those subscribers who can’t attend live.

You can join the show (meeting # is 21110387) at 3:00 pm ET from any computer via this link; if you download the Mac or Windows Fuze clients ahead of time, you’ll get better audio, a slicker experience, and can join the show via video. Browser-only will work fine if you just want to be audio only. Just click the phone icon to join the audio once you’re in.

Using an iPhone or iPad? Grab the native clients from the App Store to join.

Android user? Get the app from the Google Play store.

Still feel like using the conventional phone dial-in? Just call 775-996-3562 and enter the meeting number 21110387, then press #.

Your patience and forbearance with our new tech is appreciated in advance.

See you tomorrow!

I dont know if it makes sense or not, but it would be cool to get this as a podcast.

It would be great to look again at the slides Joe showed during his presentation. Will they be made available to view?

Yes, they definitely will be. Thanks!

@cpytel What’s the status of the Weekly Iteration? Is that still going on every week?

@crispincornett, sorry for the trouble. The technical issues were bigger than we originally thought, and we’re working on so much other stuff that it’s been much harder than originally expected to resume this.

In the meantime,you can get the slides from Joe’s section on handling nil here:

Guys, the show is fantastic. Thanks. May I humbly suggest that you spend a slightly greater percentage of the camera time focused on the content of the slides / screen than on the participants ruggedly handsome faces?

Often the participants are discussing issues in code that only momentarily flashed on the screen, and I often have to rewind and pause to absorb the things they are discussing because they are not visible while under discussion.

I’m not saying Ben & co. don’t deserve some screen time; it is nice to see people who enjoy their profession. :smile:

But if you are documenting or analyzing any technical process it helps to laser in on the topic discussed as it is being discussed. With camera focus.

Just my humble $0.02


@philipbradley this is common feedback we got about the first episode, and we’re very much keeping it in mind for future episodes. Thanks very much!