No The Weekly Iteration this week (September 6th)

Due to technical difficulties and the Jewish New Year (both!) we won’t be hosting a new episode of The Weekly Iteration this week.

The same technical issues are delaying the release of the previous episodes. We’re sorry for the trouble and appreciate your patience.

See you next week!

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@cpytel is there one of these this week?

@sao, sorry for the delay. It wasn’t clear what would be happening with this.

Unfortunately, we won’t be doing it this week either. The technical issues we were having were even bigger than originally anticipated. I don’t want to continue with the show until they are resolved and I’m confident we can get an episode out each week.

Sorry for the trouble, I appreciate your patience.


No problem! Stoked to see one of these. Do you have one recorded perhaps? You guys have done one already haven’t you?

Either way, looking forward to them!