What happened to the weekly iteration?

Hi guys,

I found watching the weekly iteration very useful, but new videos has been posted in the last half year.

Anyone know what is happening and if it will be back on a weekly schedule again?


Hi Roger,

We have a big catalog of The Weekly Iteration episodes that the majority of people haven’t watch yet, but they are evergreen. So the middle of last year we decided to, perhaps temporarily, switch to a system where on a weekly basis you are sent an episode you haven’t seen yet. Sometimes we’ll make a new episode (we’ve got one coming soon) and insert it into that system.

This change has allowed us to focus on other things, and as I mentioned, there is a chance it will just be temporary.

Thanks very much!

Thanks for clearing that up, Chad.

Crossing my fingers the updates will be slightly more frequent than half-yearly, as not all the videos in the backlog are interesting to everyone. :slight_smile:

In case you want to check if there might be a bug lurking here: I don’t seem to have gotten any of these emails since january 17. Not sure if I might have unsubscribed somehow without remembering, but the “Unsubscribed from emails” checkbox in my profile is still unchecked.