Weekly Iteration Notifications

Hey all,

We’ve been sending out in-app notifications each time we publish the Weekly Iteration.

Do you like these notifications? Would you prefer that we email you instead? That we not announce new episodes at all? Something else entirely?

Thanks for your feedback!


Email and Twitter are more than sufficient for me. I find the in-app notifications aren’t that useful to me, but folks might have different preferences.

I’d rather get an email.

Email should be good enough, but if we want to do something fancy like having badge number to indicate number of new episodes that we haven’t watched or accessed yet.

I like the in-app notifications. I log into this site fairly frequently so it’s nice to be informed of new stuff when I do. It wouldn’t bother me though if it changed to email.

+1 for email instead of in-app notification. Maybe you could make it a user preferences option?

Consensus seems to be that email is preferred. We’ll switch to that as of today.

Thanks for your thoughts!