Weekly Iteration Ideas

Hi @christoomey, I am enjoying listening to you and Ben talk about Upcase and Formkeep in your podcast. Just a word of encouragement, Upcase is amazing and I look forward to each week for weekly iterations. You guys are doing a great job.

It seems like you work very hard for making great content here, I thought maybe we (subscribers) can submit some ideas as well. I know people have posted here in the forums in the past, and when you guys did one weekly iteration that I have requested before I remember being beyond excited.

Anyways, I had a thought.

What if there is some kind of submission form where Upcase subscribers can request a topic, then we can upvote the topics that might be something people want to learn more about. Kind of like producthunt site for suggested topics from the subscribers for weekly iteration.

If its too much work on your end, it can be an open source project that Upcase subscribers can make together?

Just a thought.