Suggestions for Upcase

I was wondering if you’d consider adding, on the Weekly Iterations’ pages, when it was posted, as well as tags to more easily find videos?
Thanks for your work!

Hi @coisnepe, thanks for writing in. I would be open to adding the dates, although for me the combination of the order (they are listed in reverse chronological order) as well as the icon indicating status is enough for me to keep track.

As for tags, each video is currently tagged with the relevant topics. In addition, you can click the topic link and see all the weekly iterations for that topic on the Topic page. Is there something in addition to this that you were thinking of?

Thanks for your reply!
My bad about the tags, only after sending my message did I realise that the tags on the Trails’ page were actually clickable.
About the dates though, I don’t know if that’d be too bothersome, front-wise, on your end, but yeah, I’d find it useful!
Also, something else I thought about would be a dedicated “suggestions” page, with the ability to vote on users’ submitted feature suggestions? I’ve noticed some typos on exercises (nothing big, app/modes instead of models) but don’t know if that’d be worth a dedicated message?

Hello @coisnepe, glad I could help and thanks for your additional notes. I’ll keep your comments re: weekly iteration dates in mind as we work on that page more; I’m guessing you’re not alone.

As for more general feedback, I agree that a dedicated space would be useful. I’ll give some thought to what shape this can take, but in the mean time, feel free to post in the forum or send a message to We’re always happy to get any feedback or pointers, even for typos!